Taking into account the benefits of Vermi-compost, Vidya Pratishthan, in the year 2000, started a vermi-compost project. Using the fallen leaves of trees and the waste resulting from the students messes in the campus, a pilot project with 17 beds was started in March 2000. This project, apart from producing compost, has solved the problem of disposal of this enormous waste generated. Both the species Eisenia foetida and Eudrilusequgini have been used together. Encouraged by this  experience, the institution added another shade of 35 beds in covered shade in the biotech campus.

The vegetable waste from canteens / messes is mainly used there. Also, two pits outside the shade (Under a tree) are used to make vermi compost from leaves. A total of 10 ton (approx) Vermi compost is produced annually. After using the vermicompost internally in the premises, the remaining is sold to the farmers near by. This sale pays for the maintenance of the infrastructure for production of vermi-compost. The entire project is run and controlled by Dr.(Mrs.) S D Deshpande, Prof., Dept. of Zoology; Arts, Science and Commerce College.